This is a workshop full of little nooks, lots of big windows and exiting specialist equipment. Some come here to develop their own photos, others to edit their own video recordings.

  • Edit their sound files and burn a CD
  • Record old 8 mm/16 mm film onto VHS/DVD
  • Develop and put the finishing touches to their own black/white photos.
  • Scan slides, negatives or paper photos and burn to CD or print.
  • Add own texts and subtitles to the video
  • Laminate large and small photos
  • Serigraphic printing on t-shirts

Equipment for video editing, analogue and digital

  • Editing software video: ADOBE PREMIERE PRO
  • Editing audio: ADOBE AUDITION Burning software:Ulead DVD MovieFactory ‘Disc Creator ‘
  • Equipment for converting video to and from NTSC, PAL og SECAM
  • Equipment to copy (your own!) videos to VHS eller DVD

Magic Touch for printing on mouse mats and clothing

  • Laminating equipment
  • Backlighting table
  • Specialist equipment and materials at the video workshop

Tips and rules

We are happy to help you with knowledge and instructions – but the more you know about your project, the better we can help you.


also known as screenprinting. Do you need a T-shirt for the company party, stag night, children’s birthday party or a mouse mat with a funny motif? This is the place to go. With serigraphy you can also laminate pictures up to 60×90 centimetres or make badges.

Serigraphy works like this: you bring a picture or text which is then transferred to a clear film so that the image appears as black on transparent foil. Next, a screenprinting frame is smeared with a light sensitive liquid which is then left to dry. The frame is then exposed with the film in between, and in the places where the image blocks out the light, the liquid can be washed out. You are left with a silk frame in which the silk is impenetrable to dye except where the image is. You then place the frame on a t-shirt and scrape on the dye, and the dye will only penetrate in the places where the image is.

It takes about an hour to get the frame ready. A couple of people can print about 50 t-shirts in half an hour. The price is 80 kr. to make the frame, and 4 kr. per following print. advert


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